The Case for Spitting

14 Jul

Your mamma taught you the good manners about not spitting in public. And it is very likely that some other people in your life were really passionate non-spitting advocates. Yet, there is an active spitters group, and they are not displaying bad manners. They simply don’t want to get high.

We are talking now about spitting wine as a way for not getting drunk.

Yes, for the purposes of this blog, spitting is allowed.

By now, you’ve probably seen wine tasters who ask for the spitting bucket or cup. They take a sip of wine, swirl it through their mouth, gargle it and spit it out. Then they take notes on a little journal about the taste. Their tongue gets the flavors of the wine, the different components of it – but the wine does not get into their blood stream and they won’t get drunk. Think about the fact that professional tasters can evaluate up to 100 wines a day, for judging competitions. That is a lot. And for amateurs like me, the whole purpose of wine tasting is not to get drunk, but to discover new wines I would like to buy and bring home, share with friends.

Unfortunately, many tasting rooms don’t give you a spitting cup. It is no shame in asking for one. Better than swallowing (and we are specifically talking about swallowing wine). Case in point – me, two nights ago, at a tasting at Whole Foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love the place and the people working there. My problem was that I did not ask for a spitting cup and they generously pour – while wineries sparingly drip in your glass. And I liked the wine. And there were five wines. And I thought about what my mamma said “it’s not nice to spit.”

Well, it was the boyfriend’s task to drag me home and mock me all the way back. Although, I am sure he is a non-spitting advocate, as well.

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One response to “The Case for Spitting


    September 10, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Um. I read this post and inappropriately inserted, “thats what she said..”
    I am classy. I know 😉

    Great Blog!


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